Configuration for Windows 7 (wired network)

Before launching the configuration, make sure all the requirements specified on this site are met especially the password requirements.

The configuration must be initiated by downloading and installing an electronic certificate designed to protect your computer from being accidentally connected to fake wireless access points. Therefore, it is important to get the certificate directly from the AMU website at in the Certificates section.

NOTE! Do not install certificates from other persons or sources!

A step-by-step installation of the certificate can be found here. During setup, pay special attention to the checked and unchecked fields.

Select Control Panel -> System and Security

Select Administrative Tools

Next select Services

Click with the right Mouse button on Wired AutoConfig and select Properties

Set Startup type to Automatic and next click Start. Then close all the windows

Select Control Panel -> View network status and tasks

Select Change Adapter Settings

Select Properties on the Local Area Connection

Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click Properties

Please set as in the example. Then confirm with OK

Please set as in the example and select Settings

Select the certificate and complete as in the example. Next click Configure

Please UNCHECK the option Automatically use my Windows logon name and password... and press OK. Then press OK again and the window Local Area Network Properties should appear

Click Additional Settings

Check Specify authentication mode and select User authentication. Press OK and close all windows

Please click on the window which will appear next to the task bar

Next enter your user name, i.e. your email address (for staff members) or (for students). Please enter the e-mail in the Username field and password in the Password field and then confirm with OK. After entering the correct data, the computer should get access to the Internet